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Welcome to my website.

I have always had a  fascination of the unlimited beauty in wood.  I work in woods from all over the world, many exotic and unusual in grain and color.  I hollow them out by hand on a wood lathe.  I never dye or stain the wood in my vessels.  The colors you see is that which nature intended.

I inlay most of my vessels with semi-precious gems stones and Pewter.  I inlay the stones in an age old method called chip inlay.  Breaking larger stones into smaller ones and inserting them one at a time with tweezers into the natural voids in the wood.  Some vessels have applies Gold and or Silver wire.

I work in two forms, lidded and non-lidded.  My lidded vessels have evolved into a balance of height and width that achieves harmony in the form.  The use of voids and imperfections in the wood as part of the design gives a third dimension of depth within the negative space.

Please view the gallery for examples of my work.

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