About the Darts

I make all the darts by hand, one at a time on a wood lathe.  I balance them by packing lead inside the barrel for weight.  

I make the standard set to 20g.  They come with a wood stand similar to the one shown. Two sets of soft tips for an electronic board.  One set of steal tips for cork or bristle boards. 

If you need a special weight they can be special ordered, just contact me.

The types of material the darts are made of



These are made from real semi-precious stones that are crushed and mixed with 20% resin making them less brittle.  This one is Persian Turquoise.

Wood dart set


These are made of stabilized wood for toughness.  This one is Spalted California Buckeye Burl.

Bone darts

Bone, Buffalo Horn & Resin

These are made of stabilized bone, buffalo horn and types of acrylic and cast resins.  This one is Camel bone.